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Nothing beats the smell of freshly ground coffee brewing first thing in the morning. And, in spite of the rise of Starbucks and co, 54% of all coffee consumed in America is still made at home. Couple that with our growing taste for ‘gourmet’ coffee, and clearly we need home equipment to get this done right! That means getting the best coffee and the best coffee grinder you can get your hands on.

Read on for what to look for in a coffee grinder, and our top ten best coffee grinders of 2020.

The Top 10 Best Coffee Grinders of 2020

Up first, here’s our rundown of the best coffee grinders. We’ve tried to include a variety of qualities, prices, and types to help cover the large variety on the market. 

Best Electric Coffee Grinder of 2020 Overall

Best Electric Coffee Grinder of 2019 Overall

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro electric coffee grinder makes the top of our list for several reasons. First, it gives you awesome control over the grind. Its 60 settings range from espresso to French Press Grind. It also allows you to specify the quantity to be ground, from a shot measure to the number of cups. No waste, no mess.

Additionally, it has a stainless steel conical burr that is designed to minimize heat gain.

Users love the practical downward delivery of the grounds and the consistency of the grind. At a higher price point, it’s an investment, but one well worth making.

Krups is a great name in the coffee world. Although the Krups GX5000 comes in at under $50, it still deserves its place among the top ten.

Although it has just 9 grind settings, most users will find this more than sufficient for the range of coffee they will be preparing. It also comes with an 8oz capacity, and quantity selector, allowing you to choose between 1 and 12 cups.

Best Portable Coffee Grinder

Best Portable Coffee Grinder

Coming in at number 3 is our first manual grinder, the Soulhand Manual Coffee Grinder is totally portable, meaning you can have freshly ground coffee on vacation, at the office – whenever you want. It uses ceramic burrs for a high-quality grind. We love the fact is has two manual grinding options – by hand, or by an extendable crank. This gives you a choice of what you find most comfortable.

It might be manual, but it also comes with the all-important fineness setting to allow you to get just the right grind for the coffee style you want to brew. Combine it with ice from your portable ice maker and you can have an awesome ice coffee wherever you head off to!

Best Coffee Grinder for the Money

Best Coffee Grinder for the Money

The compact Secura SCG-903B won’t clutter up your countertop but will give you great grinding results. It offers 17 grind settings through its burr grinding system, and most users are delighted with the results.

However, if you’re a percolator user, you may find the grind a little fine – another model may produce the grainier texture desired. Coming in at under $40, it’s a great budget option, that doesn’t necessarily feel like one.

Best Coffee Grinder for Enthusiasts

Best Coffee Grinder for Enthusiasts

If you’re a self-confessed ‘coffee snob’ and are willing to splash out on a high-end grinder, then this is our recommendation for you. Coming in at a shade under $600, it’s not cheap, but it is oh so good.

The Baratza Vario-W offers some sophisticated tech features that ensure consistent results cup after cup. These include a precision weighing system, that allows you to grind the same amount of beans each time. It also ceramic flat burrs, which retain their sharpness for twice as long as traditional steel burrs, and can grind a staggering 230 distinct sizes. This will allow you to find your sweet spot, and replicate it over and over again.

When you get a 4/5 star rating on Amazon, from over 2500 review, you’re clearly doing something right. And at under $50, it’s great value too! Our second manual burr grinder, the Hario Ceramic “Skerton”, scores big with reviewers for its ease of use, longevity and ceramic grinding burrs.

You may not recognize the brand at first, but this is a long-established Japanese company, known for high-quality glassware. While known for their glass, the rubber bottom is a great feature, giving stability to the grinding experience. Yes, compared to an electric grinder it takes a bit of elbow grease, but it fits onto a Mason jar, produces a consistent grind and gives you a workout all in one!

Best Electric Coffee Grinder for Different Size Grounds

Best Electric Coffee Grinder for Different Size Grounds

A mid-range coffee grinder, coming in at around $100, the Capresso 560.01 has two main eye-catching features – its conical burrs and its low-speed grind.

As mentioned earlier, with coffee, a little patience is a good thing. The lower the speed, the less heat generated and the better the flavor of the coffee. This is reflected in the praise heaped on it by reviewers, who love its range of grinds (16 in total), quietness and consistent grind size.

The Aromory Manual Grinder could be the last coffee grinder you ever have to buy – it comes with a lifetime warranty. They’re confident in their conical, hand-cranked burrs, and it seems to be borne out by the reviews – not a single 1 or 2-star review yet, from over 50. Equipped with 15 grind settings, it’s highly portable and allows you to grind up to 35 grams of beans, or enough for about 5 cups, in one go.

That all-important word ‘conical’ comes up again – expect consistency, low temperature and flexibility of grind.

Although the Cuisinart DBM-8 doesn’t feature conical burrs, it still makes it into our top ten for several reasons. First, it’s a tried and tested model. Available for years, customers love its longevity, consistency, and reliability.

Additionally, it’s highly adjustable with 18 grind settings, and has the serious capacity – up to 18 cups! It’s compact, attractively styled and allows you to store the grinds after milling for next use. Oh, and did we mention it’s under $40? There’s a lot packed into this sensibly priced option.

There are places in the home where style matters – the kitchen is one of them. If you love your KitchenAid, then they have built the perfect coffee grinder to complement it. And it’s an awesome machine to boot.

The KitchenAid KCG0702CU has the iconic die-cast metal construction, striking color scheme and retro ‘bullet’ styling we’ve come to love from their entire range. It combines this with outstanding performance. For just under $200, you’ll get 15 grind settings and our favorite feature – low speed grinding, for maximum flavor. Don’t expect LED displays and flashing lights – this is a traditional, no-nonsense machine, but produces consistently good results.

What to Look For in the Best Coffee Grinders

The best coffee grinders do not simply take beans and turn them into powder. They treat them with care. They treat them with respect. And they know that by doing so, they will give you the best possible experience.

What Should Coffee Grinders Do?

For optimum coffee extraction, you want your grinder to break down your beans into uniformly sized particles. For certain grinders, this is impossible because they just hack at the beans. This breaks them down into unevenly sized particles. Coffee will either taste thin and tangy or strong and bitter.

Another factor is the amount of heat they generate. When coffee is heated during the grinding process, the flavor is damaged. On this note, keep your beans at room temperature – the refrigerator is not the right place for them (however amazing yours is…).

It’s worth investing in a grinder that will do the job properly, Otherwise, you’ll miss out on the unique flavor profiles locked away in your beans.

Coffee grinders fall into three main categories, but only two of the types feature in our top ten picks.

best coffee grinder

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders work by milling the coffee between toothed disks or using conical burrs. This gives you control over the size of the coffee particles. More control over size means more control over the finished cup of coffee. Conical burrs are also noted for producing less heat when grinding.

If you’re looking to take your beans and really extract the best from them, burr grinders are totally the way to go. No discussion. They’re what you need.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders work on the same principle as food blenders but in miniature.

The fineness of the particle produced will be down to how long you blitz them for, rather than being able to set the grind specifically. This also results in particles of uneven size. For these reasons, no blade grinders feature in our rundown of the ten best coffee grinders.

best coffee bean grinder

Manual Burr Grinders

We know. It’s 21st century for goodness sake. And this is something we use first thing in the morning. But give us a second, here’s why we’re talking about manual burr grinders.

First of all, they’ll work any time, anywhere.

Another major plus is the lack of heat generated in the grinding process. An electric burr grinder produces heat as it grinds. With a manual one, heat is kept to a minimum – and that’s great news for the flavor of your coffee.

One last reason – they’re a great value, and less prone to break down. Look out for a few in our top ten list above. 

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