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Coffee is way of life, and having one of the best coffee makers is crucial to starting your day off on the right foot. 

Of all the jokes, stories, and cultural quips about coffee, Stephen Wright did it best. He puts forth, in that commanding monotone delivery of his, “Every morning I get up and make instant coffee so I have enough energy to make regular coffee.” It has been more than 30 years since he made that comment and coffee technology seems to have taken note. More likely indirectly than because brewer engineers are huge S Wright fans.

Integrated technologies, more colloquially known as smart technologies have transformed coffee making. The best coffee maker brings smart tech, versatility, and ease of use together.

Why settle for manual coffee making when tiny caffeine delivery robots can be roped into doing it for you? Read on for everything you need to know to find and select the best coffee maker for you.

What’s Here?

We’ve taken note in our research about the best home coffee maker, that there is a such a wide variety of options on the market that we decided to make a mega-thread of options for your divided into two sections. 

The first features the best coffee makers that are for the coffee beginners and lovers alike, that aren’t looking for anything over the top. Within this section, you’ll find everything from the best drip coffee maker- to the best home coffee bar that won’t break your budget. 

The second review section takes things to the next level. It features the best coffee and espresso makers, and the best coffee makers for higher traffic use such as offices or for the coffee aficionados. 

Once you get through our coffee maker reviews, you’ll find a buyers guide that will help you make your final decision. 

20 Best Coffee Maker Reviews

Alright, let’s dive right into our product choices for our article. We’ve chosen a variety of styles, functions, and price points- certain to include something for everyone! If we missed your favorite brewer- be sure to let us know. 

10 Best Coffee Makers: Budget Options for Home, The Beginner, and the Minimalist

What is the best coffee maker for home? Here are our top 10 coffee maker options that feature a more traditional approach to your morning cup of joe. 

Switching from daily or twice or thrice daily Starbucks to making your coffee at home can be a big adjustment. That’s why we kick off our list of 10 best coffeemaker competitors with a doozy — to make that adjustment as easy as possible. Once you’ve ground your beans, it’s time to brew coffee from them. Here are our recommendations for the machines to use.

The Ninja Coffee Bar is kind of like franchising your own Starbucks location directly from your kitchen. It has so many features, functions, and attachments that it should be easy to satisfy your craving for triple-double-whipped-mocha-two-pump-frappa-anything.

The Ninja Coffee Bar allows you to choose between four different sizes of coffee. You can get a cup, a travel mug, a half carafe, or a full carafe. These amounts can be brewed directly into your own container, or you can use the carafe that comes with the machine.

  • You also get a choice of brews between classic, rich, over ice, and specialty.
  • You can program your Ninja Coffee Bar to brew any of these sizes or styles within 24 hours.
  • The Ninja Coffee Bar comes with an 18-ounce tumbler for hot and cold drinks, a milk frother, a permanent filter, a coffee scoop, a 43-ounce carafe, a warming plate, and a 40-recipe cookbook.

Depending on your coffee needs, the Ninja Coffee Bar may be a little much for you. This unit costs just under $200 on Amazon, and is easily the best automatic coffee maker on the market

We’re staying in the realm of the fancy by listing this beautiful coffeemaker. It’s practically an art piece more than a kitchen appliance, and comes in an amazing variety of colors. The Moccamaster is handmade in the Netherlands, and it features a tasteful mid-century design, complete with an exposed water reservoir.

It’s not just aesthetics that places the Moccamaster on our list, and earns it the spot of best coffee maker under $500. This machine is powerful and brews pots of coffee that are smooth and full-bodied. It also goes to work quickly, which is great for when you’re rushing out the door.

Simply put, the Technivorm Moccamaster is a beautiful coffeemaker. It may be the classiest coffeemaker on our list. Technivorm has designed the Moccamaster to heat its water between 196F and 205F, which is the ideal coffee-brewing temperature. The Moccamaster is the most expensive option in this first section of our reviews, so don’t worry if it’s out of your bugest we have plenty of other options for you.

Let’s give ourselves a reality check here. If what you want is an affordable and highly functional coffeemaker that doesn’t sacrifice quality, the Black & Decker 12-Cup Mill & Brew Coffee Maker is your best bet. For a relatively durable machine, you can’t beat that price.

You can set your best cheap coffee maker to a timer so your coffee is ready when you wake. This machine isn’t going to last a lifetime like some of the pricier models we’ve mentioned, but calling it flimsy would be inaccurate. It’s definitely the best cheap coffee maker, and suitable for the occassional coffee drinker. 

Not everyone thinks specifically of cold brew when they go to replace their daily coffee purchasing habit with a brewing practice. But after taking a look at the Takeya, we think you might want to consider it. This coffeemaker is simple, durable, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free. And it couldn’t come at a better price.

Takeya owners and drinkers rave about the flavor of the concentrated brew that comes from this coffeemaker. The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker is easy to set up, break down, and clean. It’s durable too, so doing these things will not crack or break it easily.

This coffeemaker is super affordable, but this is just a cold brew maker, so if you want a warm cup of coffee, you’ll need another coffeemaker to supplement this one.

With Takeya’s machine, we broke the seal on machines outside of the traditional coffee pot or coffee bar. Now we’re entering the highly specialized world of single-cup coffee makers. Obviously, this is unlikely to be the solution if you drink your coffee in one gulp before running out the door to work. But there are benefits to this method that the Bonavita Immersion Dripper brings to the surface.

The Bonavita Immersion Dripper brews coffee that is rich and flavorful. This coffeemaker is a single unit. It’s hand-washable and dishwasher-safe. It has a porcelain filter basket that responds well to soap and water without requiring an elaborate system of brushes.

This is not the coffeemaker for those who want to save time. There is a learning curve to using the Bonavita Immersion Dripper. It also requires other components to get the most out of your cup of coffee, namely a high-quality burr grinder.

The coffeemaker itself is super affordable, but we list this under cons because the cost is much more than that when you factor in the accessories required for this machine to operate at peak levels.

The Bonavita Connoisseur is the brand’s answer to Technivorm’s Moccamaster. But there are some key differences. Primarily, it’s not an art object in the way the Moccamaster is.

The Connoisseur competes with these machines at the very top of the line by offering better value. And it may not offer the eye-catching qualities of the Moccamaster or the full-service features of the Ninja Coffee Bar, but it does offer an excellent value as a general purpose, high-end coffeemaker.

The Bonavita Connoisseur is easy to use and compact. Since it only has a few parts to clean, post-coffee cleanup is a breeze.

The Connoisseur offers the taste that coffee drinkers expect from Bonavita without all the frills that spike the price. For a high-end coffee machine, the Connoisseur is a steal at less than $150. The Bonavita Connoisseur is not the most beautiful machine on the market compared to its competitors. It’s not ugly. It’s just more concerned with function than form.

Have you noticed a trend? We’re calling numbers 5-7 our Bonavita section. The coffee company knows how to make machines that serve a multitude of coffee drinkers.

The One-Touch is Bonavita’s coffeemaker for the coffee drinker who requires even more simplicity than the Connoisseur. The machine’s design is simple and bare-bones, but under the hood is a coffeemaker that can crank out eight cups of coffee in a flash. If you want the quality that comes with the Bonavita name without all the frills, the One-Touch provides just that.

This model works quickly. It’s the Bonavita you want if your prime coffee-drinking time is pre-commute.

We know it might seem strange to list this as a pro and a con, but we consider this coffee maker on the expensive end of bare-bones coffeemakers. Granted, you’re getting more than just a rinky-dink coffee pot here, but this could still be a budget breaker for some people. The brew basket on the One-Touch rests on top of the carafe in an awkward way, which is less than ideal. To get around this, just make sure you remove it before you drink from the carafe.

We’re swerving away from the bare-bones and back into the specialty machines here with this Behmor Coffee Maker. This coffee maker is for anyone who thinks of themselves as a coffee scientist.

This machine offers ample opportunity for experimentation with various aspects of the coffee-making process, from water temperature to pre-soak time. The best part? It’s compatible with Alexa, so you can get your coffee started before your feet even hit the floor every morning.

The Behmor Coffee Maker meets the Specialty Coffee Association of America‘s standards for brewing an excellent cup of joe. The amount of customization this machine offers makes brewing coffee a blast. You can even adjust your brewing for altitude! This machine has a long brew cycle, which is something to keep in mind- even though it is the best smart coffee maker.

Best Coffee Maker for the Price

Best Coffee Maker for the Price

Here’s another machine for the true coffee nerds.

The Braun BrewSense is precise with its water temperature, which allows this coffeemaker to deliver cups that are strong, full-bodied, and rich. And while it has a warming plate like many of the other coffeemakers on our list, not all of them offer the ability to adjust the plate’s temperature. The BrewSense does.

The Braun BrewSense brews cups of coffee that are exquisite. It’s one of the most reasonably priced fancy cups of coffee you’ll find. We love the BrewSense for its simplicity, but that also means it doesn’t offer the levels of customization found elsewhere on our list.

We end this section where we began, and a good segue into the next section, with a full-service machine that recreates the feeling of ordering from your local barista. Better yet, you can play barista yourself with the DeLonghi Espresso and Drip Coffee Machine.

This espresso machine comes with a 10-cup carafe and a built-in milk frother. You can also set a 24-hour timer for future brewing. At just under $200, the DeLonghi is still one of the pricier options on our list.

With one of these best coffeemaker choices in your home, you can get one step closer to the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

10 Best Advanced Coffee Makers: Options for Coffee Connoisseurs 

Alright, now it’s time to bring out the big guns to the home & office coffee game. We’ve got 10 options that are perfect for those who are looking for more than just a simple cup of joe. We’ve got espresso options and more for you here.  

Best Coffee Maker for Specialty Coffee at Home

Best Coffee Maker for Specialty Coffee at Home

Geared towards use in small offices and laid back boutique style shops, this machine combines function and style. It uses internal reservoirs for water and beans capable of pouring 25 coffees before needing to be refilled.

The We8 uses a patented process from Jura to deliver smoother espresso and ristretto drinks. Normally these can be high on acidity as the lower beans receive more water soak than higher beans. The machine also offers one-touch delivery of frothed milk from the same apparatus.

With a price tag just south of $2000 the EA9010 can be considered best in budget for those looking for that max spend/max reward. You will enjoy the programmable 17 recipe function and the elegant all-in-one unit.

The digital screen makes it easy to understand the portions of foam, coffee and milk selected. The unit stores the coffee, water, and milk all insides its easy to disassemble and clean reservoirs. The brew delivery nozzles are self-cleaning with strong steam ejection. This can make the front panel a bit hard to interact with if it is placed in a corner where the steam will not dissipate fast enough.

Best Coffee Maker for Cafes

Best Coffee Maker for Cafes

For the coffee enthusiast looking for maximum control in their home kitchen, this machine has adjustable levels. These allow selections through 3 different water temperatures. A range of extra light through extra strong coffee intensities completes the nuance.

The internal grinder can be set across 15 degrees of grind from coarse to espresso powder. For someone that knows what they are doing, this machine gives the user a feeling of maximum control. For those without a firm coffee background, the lack of pre-programmed recipes may not be the best. It also lacks automation and auto-on-off functionality.

Best Small Coffee and Espresso Maker

Best Small Coffee and Espresso Maker

The Prima Donna is more of a hot drinks machine than strictly a coffee maker. It gives a nice assortment of recipes and can put them together without extra assistance. Mochas need not have flavored beans as the chocolate button can brew up and deliver hot chocolate in a snap.

The only thing the machine can’t do is deliver iced beverages. For this, you will need to look at getting a separate portable ice maker or utilize a refrigerator ice maker. The machine was especially responsive in making visually satisfying layered drinks. It alternates components with no added inputs.

This unit is for those seeking a machine with a more traditional espresso machine look. The copper and brass finish look elegant and hide the internal electronics. Pressure and water gauges display accurately and provide a sense of fine-tuned control. While the heating element is electric and has standard temp settings, the pressure release and pour rates are all manual.

For those looking for something to automate and speed up their lives, this unit isn’t the key. For those that want to feel a bit of European class and old-world charm in their kitchen it delivers.

Easy to Use High End Coffee Maker

Easy to Use High End Coffee Maker

The Miele Countertop Coffee Machine combines easy pushbutton interface with a sturdy build and more diffuse options. While the machine provides steamed milk, it does so through an external component (included). This lets you add milk as you go but lacks some of the pizazz of other machines that integrate this function.

The Miele Countertop Coffee Machine provides easier to clean components than some other machines. The height adjustment of the water pouts also make for less splash around the machine.

17. Breville Oracle Touch

Best Coffee Maker with Grinder

17. Breville Oracle Touch

Best Coffee Maker with Grinder

For those that find making decisions hard, You’ll love the full-color screen with example pictures of drinks.

The Oracle Touch uses an external bean vat which makes it the best coffee maker with a grinder on the market. Too often with the all internal machines, it is easy to hear a high pitched whir from the grinder and think it is empty. Sometimes this is from a stuck feed rather than no beans. The external vat makes pushing the beans to get over jams intuitive.

Best Smart Coffee Maker for Offices

Best Smart Coffee Maker for Offices

The GranBaristo gives a quality brew from afar with its connected app. This best smart coffee maker can be controlled from the digital screen or from afar with a phone or tablet. The brew quality is excellent and even saves profiles allowing you to save your favorite nuanced beverage for instant access.

The frother is separate from the brew unit, though still automated. It is a hardly worth noting but does keep the machine from coming in as perfect.

Best Coffee Machine with App

Best Coffee Machine with App

The J6 from Jura features a comprehensive filter which descales the water before it brews. This cuts down on the most annoying step of cleaning any coffee machine. Like the We8 it uses the P.E.P. technology to deliver smoother low-acidity drinks.

Smart technology and RRFID alert you to lower water levels and can stop a pour automatically when a cup fills. Milk container feeds into the machine externally but keeps a chilled temp for fuller foam volume.

Best Professional Coffee Maker

Best Professional Coffee Maker

If you are seeking that real barista experience at home, look no further than the Simonelli Musica. This design sees use in small coffee house establishments and has excellent control. For home use, the precise temp and pressure empower armchair alchemists. The Lux model also has a pleasing glow from the lighting which can make an early morning coffee brew experience feel like a midnight caf?

Cleaning is exceptionally easy as the components that need cleaning are all external. The boiler uses a patented technology to equalize pressure without manual input for fast to-temp brews and cooldowns.

Features to Consider Before You Buy

When you consider features for a coffee maker that runs in the several grand price range, you want solid returns. The leading technology in coffee brewing and automation are not too much to task for that kind of price. This list goes over the intricacies of coffee creation and features no respectable coffee maker should go without.

Smart vs Automated

Automated coffee makers utilize onboard computers and timers to brew coffee at designated times. These machines provide excellent service after programming without the need for physical interaction. However, they don’t offer everything.

Smart devices stay interconnected with other home appliances. They are controllable through a phone or integrated device.

This means you can change your mind and send new instructions to the machine remotely. All of this without the tedious task of returning to the machine and starting over.

Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth

The best smart coffee maker will allow off-site interaction. When making a choice between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi remember the pros and cons. Wi-fi can be accessed from anywhere in the world so if you leave town and need to turn off the machine, you are good to go. The downside is that wi-fi can go down, severing this vital connection.

Bluetooth won’t go down unless the power is out (and even then sometimes battery power remains viable). The downside you face here is the range only goes to a max of 60 or so feet.


Debates on the best way to brew the perfect cup of coffee range in size and impact, but they are ubiquitous on the Internet. The only debates more heated are on the health questions of coffeeConsideration has to be given to the water temperature, the type of bean, the ratio of water to coffee, and the brew time.

Brewers can use Aeropress, pour over, French-press, auto-drip, or Chemex styles to produce their end result. The right brew isn’t the perfect brew (as no objective thing exists) but the brew you want. A best in class coffee maker will provide what you want and some additional options if your tastes change.


Second to the debate on what technique achieves the best brew is what grind supports that technique. Coffee bean grinders can be integrated into the machine, allowing different grinds to occur as part of the programmed process.

Grinders also come in several styles. The two you will see most often are the blade grinder and burr grinder. While the burr grinder is largely viewed as superior the blade grinder is cheaper and quieter.


A coffee maker should make the quantity of coffee you need. A giant 12 cup carafe of coffee first thing in the morning might be great for a larger household or a heavy drinking family, but is a waste for others. Select a maker that provides the amount you need.

Filter vs Filterless

Filters, depending on the brew, enhance the flavor or create a hassle. Filters also take extra parts and time to install and remove. Filterless processes are often not filterless. They use washable or changeable filters that are not disposable. Consider finding a machine with an internal cleaning system. These reusable filters offer worry-free brewing and maximum control.

Pausing and Auto-Off

Remember that the machines are smart but not always geniuses. The best machines use infrared tech to see when a container is about to be overfull and will auto-off. Others will have a button to pause or a sense to know to stop brewing if a container is moved.

A machine that stays on all day wastes energy whereas one with an automatic power cycle can wake up and turn off as needed.

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