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The lawn garden equipment market is set to grow by 2.5% each year to be a $24.2 billion dollar industry by 2021. The industry has grown to encompass a wide selection of mowers. These days you can choose from a motorless push, mowers with a motor that still requires pushing, self-propelled, corded electric, and battery-powered cordless. Purchasing the best cordless lawn mower will give you the best of both worlds.

With a cordless lawn mower, you will get the flexibility and maneuverability of a gas lawnmower, combined with the quiet and environmental friendliness of an electric lawn mower.

There are a variety of features you need to consider when shopping for your next self-propelled mower. When shopping for a cordless lawnmower, look at the battery size, if it’s self-propelled, the grass discharge options, and the cutting width.

Let’s reading for how to shop for the best cordless lawn mowers and our suggestions for the top mowers on the market.

5 Best Cordless Lawn Mowers in 2020

In this section, we’ve got the best cordless electric lawn mower reviews for you to check out. We feel confident that one of these cordless lawn mowers will do your lawn right.

1. Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

best cordless lawn mower

If you are looking for all the best features, this is the cordless mower for you. First the basics, it comes with a sixteen-inch cutting base and a forty-volt battery. You’ll have a run time of 60 minutes for the 2AH battery. If you get the 4AH battery you’ll have a run time of 120 minutes. There is a two in one rear bagging and mulching system. You have the ability to manually adjust to five different grass heights for mowing.

The handle on this Greenworks Mower folds down for compact and easy storage. The overall weight is 37 pounds, making it maneuverable in your garage and while mowing. We think the Greenworks Mower is the best electric cordless lawn mower around- which is why it tops our list.

2. Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mower

best cordless lawn mower 2017

With just a push of the button, you’ll be off a mowing with this fourteen inch, twenty-eight-volt mower. This mower offers three options you can manually adjust to for the ideal height for your lawn. Grass discharge is collected in a 10.6-gallon bag. This makes for quick and easy disposal and no piles of cut grass left on your lawn.

3. Worx Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

You will be able to cut up to six thousand feet of lawn on a single battery charge with this lawnmower. At just thirty-three pounds the mower will be easily maneuverable while mowing. You have three options for grass discharge functionality. Choose mulching, rear discharging, and bags.

4. Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Mower with Brushless Motor

Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower with Brushless Motor

The brushless motor increases motor life and performance by reducing vibration. The forty-volt battery will give you up to twenty-five minutes of cutting time. The cutting path is on the smaller side with fifteen inches. You’ll be able to customize the cutting height from 1.18 inches to 3.15 inches. There are two options available, a purely battery-powered option and a convertible battery/corded option. You have the option of choosing a bagged or discharge chute for the cuttings.

5. VonHaus Cordless Lawn Mower Kit

Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower with Brushless Motor

The VonHaus is the best value cordless lawn mower with is a friendly price and a large number of features. You’ll get a forty-volt battery that gets to full charge in just 150 minutes. The cutting width is a respectable 16 inches allowing you to cover more area with each pass. There are six different heights you can adjust to for the perfect lawn. A single charge can give you up to thirty minutes of run time. The brushless motor is going to give you extended years of use.

Is your yard way to big for even the best cordless lawn mower? Check out these great riding lawn mowers!

Features of the Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Here we are going to take a look at the features of cordless lawn mower, and things you should consider before making your purchase decision.


The batteries in cordless mowers are going to increase the weight of the mower. This means you may want to consider the self-propelled option. Self-propelling can be a fixed speed or variable. There are some mowers that will have a variable speed that will adjust automatically to match your walking pace.

Grass Discharge

Cordless mowers are not the right choice if you have especially long or thick grace. They do not have the power that a gas mower does to get through this type of grass. If your grass is ideal for a battery-powered mower, you need to decide what will happen to the cut grass. Some mowers will require an additional accessory to be installed for mulching.

best electric cordless lawn mower

Keep in mind that mulching is going to require more power from the battery. This means your battery will run out faster, meaning less acreage can be cut.

How Does the Best Cordless Lawn Mower Work?

The basic concept is that there is a battery powering your lawn mower. The rechargeable battery is what gives the lawnmower the power to spin the blades.

What Battery Sizes Do Cordless Lawn Mowers Come In?

The first feature you will notice is the different battery size options cordless mowers have. You will need to choose from 12, 24, or 36-volt battery packs. You may even find a 40-volt option for newer and high-end cordless mowers. This batter power is only one factor in the amount of power the mower will deliver. Other factors that will affect power are your grass conditions and the mower’s design.

Assuming other factors are the same, a twelve-volt battery will run for thirty to forty-five minutes.

A twenty-four-volt battery will have a run time of forty-five to seventy-five minutes. You can run a thirty-six-volt battery for an hour and a half. You should be able to cut a third of an acre with a nineteen-inch, thirty-six-volt mower on a single charge.

charging best cordless lawn mower

Types of Batteries

For the most part, you will find lead-acid batteries. Some mowers have Nickel-cadmium batteries. Sometimes the batteries will be fixed within the mower. Other units will have batteries that are removable. Whichever type of battery you choose is just a matter of preference and choice. If you intend to keep a spare battery for extended runtime, you’ll want the removable option.

Whichever battery you choose, you should get about five hundred charges before replacement is required. Calculate how large your yard is and how often you mow to determine the life of your battery in years.

Should You Buy a Cordless Lawn Mower?

If your yard is medium to small in size with not very lush grass then your property is ideal for a cordless mower. If you are reasonably strong and are looking for a gas-free quiet option then you are the ideal user. You are looking for an alternative option to the traditional gas or electric mowers. You aren’t ready to commit to a robot lawn mower.

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