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With summer coming shortly around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to maintain your lawn. The day of gas lawn mowers being the best option available is a thing of the past. Advancements in battery technology and electric motors have made electric-powered lawn mowers a great option that’s better for the environment. If you’re interested and you’d like to know what the best electric lawn mower is for your yard, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’re discussing some of the reasons why you should choose electric and offering some reviews on trusted brands. Keep reading to learn more about the best electric lawn mowers currently available.

10 Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

Choosing the best electric lawn mower doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing. Now that you know what to look for, you’re well on your way to making a good purchase.

Here are the top ten best electric lawn mowers for you to choose from.

1. Earthwise Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Best Electric Start Lawn Mower

best electric lawn mower

You’ll enjoy seven cutting positions with the Earthwise 60420, giving you ultimate control over your grass length. Also, with a 20-inch wide cutting path, you can save on the number of passes you take to completely cut your grass. Each battery lasts about 55 minutes and requires a two-hour charge. It comes with two batteries so that you have the option to charge one while you work.

This mower only weighs about 52 pounds but it does not have self-propulsion technology making it a little more difficult to maneuver.

2. Earthwise Mulching Electric Lawn Mower

Earthwise Mulching Electric Lawn Mower

The Earthwise 50220 weighs in at 62 pounds but with larger 9 1/2 inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels, it is still quite easy to handle. The handles even fold down for compact storage. This mower offers a single lever height adjustment function that allows for 1 1/2 inches to 4 inches of cut height with a 12 amp motor. You’ll also enjoy a stock 2-year warranty.

3. Earthwise 2-in-1 Corded Electric Push Mower

best corded electric lawn mower

You can find the Earthwise 2-in-1 Corded Electric Push Mower with either an 18-inch cutting deck or a 20-inch cutting deck. The cutting deck is made of durable steel. This electric mower weighs in at only 44 pounds and with 7-inch wheels, it’s quite easy to maneuver. It also offers discharge and mulching but bag collecting is not available on this model.

4. GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

best electric lawn mowers

Choose from seven different height settings from 1 1/2 inches to 3 3/4 inches with the GreenWorks 25022 Corded Electric Lawn Mower. It also has a 12 amp motor that doesn’t require much maintenance but does require you to use a 12 amp rated extension cord to operate. You’ll enjoy 3-in-1 discharge, side discharge, and rear bagging and mulching functions that make it easier to keep your lawn looking great.

5. GreenWorks 25012

Best Electric Lawn Mower for Small Garden

best electric start lawn mower

The GreenWorks 25012 also boasts a 12 amp electric motor with a durable 18-inch steel cutting deck that helps you get the lawn cut quicker. Height adjustments range from 1 3/4 inch to 3 3/4 inch and the 7-inch wheels make it easy to maneuver.

6. EGO Self Propelled Lawnmower

best rated electric lawn mower

The EGO Self Propelled Lawnmower with Rapid Charger provides a 21-inch cutting width lasting a full hour on just a 40-minute charge. The self-propulsion technology makes it easy to push through your yard with ease. And weighing in at just 58 pounds also makes it easy to move around your garage when you don’t need it. You can sufficiently cut a 1/3 acre lawn with this mower. There are five cutting heights, ranging from 1 1/2 inches to 4 inches for added convenience.

7. Black & Decker Electric Lawn Mower

Best Rated Electric Lawn Mower

best electric corded lawn mower

This is a 3-in-1 electric corded lawn mower that boasts a 13 amp motor which charges from a regular 110V outlet. It has a 20-inch cutting deck and 7 height adjustments ranging from 1 1/2 inches to 4 inches. There is also a 13 gallon rear collection bag to help with the mess.

8. Black & Decker Corded Mower with Edge Max

best electric lawn mower reviews

The Black & Decker EM1500 comes with 6 different height settings for a cut height between 1 1/10 inches to 3 1/10 inches. It collects the grass for you so there is less cleanup when the job is done. The grass bag is made of cloth or plastic. This mower boasts a 10 amp motor and either a 15 or 17-inch cutting deck.

9. WORX Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower

Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower

The WORX Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower will mulch and bag with a side discharge. It is a 3-in1 product with a 19-inch cutting deck. You’ll enjoy 7 different height settings from 1 1/4 inch to 4 inches and weighing in at only 57 pounds, it’s easy to handle and maneuver in any size yard. It also comes equipped with a 3-year warranty so you can feel confident about your purchase.

10. LawnMaster Electric 2-in-1 Mower

Best Electric Lawn Mower 2017


The LawnMaster Electric 2-in-1 Mower is stocked with a 10 amp electric motor and provides a 15-inch cutting deck. This is a quiet machine so you can feel comfortable operating it any time of day without disturbing your neighbors. It’s also lightweight and compact for added convenience. Enjoy the mulching function and collect your clippings with the 10 1/2 gallon collection bag.

Benefits of Owning an Electric Lawn Mower

One of the first things people notice when they start up their new electric lawn mower is that it hardly makes any sound. This is perfect for small neighborhoods so that you’re not making a lot of noise each time you cut the grass. It’s also a cost saver. No more gas and oil to contend with which can cost almost $10 every time you start your mower. Instead, you can just plug your mower in and mow, quietly.

Of course, it’s also important to mention that an electric lawn mower is better for the environment. You won’t be polluting the air with toxins from gas and oil and smoke. If you’re doing your best to live a green lifestyle, then an electric lawn mower should be at the top of your list.

best electric lawn mower

Key Features to Look For

The first thing you’ll want to determine when shopping for an electric-powered lawn mower is whether you want a cordless or plug-in mower. You’ll also want to know the cutting width and height adjustments so that you’ll know if it’s right for your lawn. Don’t forget to check out the safety features as well. Other options to consider include whether or not you’d prefer a self-propelled or push mower. And, of course, you should have a specific budget in mind outlining how much you want to spend.

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