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If you could choose to make your home smarter, would you? Last year, Money magazine reported that smart home technology was a $60 billion industry. And while the best smart thermostat maybe just a small device, it can make a very big – and brainy – option.

Let us show you why the best smart thermostat is the one that you control. But we don’t just mean pushing a little lever till you hear your air conditioner click on. Smart technology is developing every day.

Crank up your heat or air conditioner and enjoy this read.

5 Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home

1. Ecobee3

Home Sweet Home Kit

Our pick for the best smart thermostat for Apple Home Kit

When you’re searching for the best home kit thermostat, check out the Ecobee3 with Sensor.  The Ecobee3 is actually the very first home kit thermostat in the world, and it actually evolved from the traditional smart home thermostat.

ecobee3 with sensor smart thermostat

Ecobee3 Features:

  • Ecobee3 installers often save up to 23% annually on their energy bills
  • This thermostat monitors use, detecting which rooms are (or are not) occupied and mix it with the weather outside to provide perfect temperatures inside
  • You can link up to 32 sensors together, placed throughout your home, to “talk back” to the thermostat (this was a new development and product refinement from previous models and customer input!)
  • You can revert back to using the thermostat in “standard” mode, which lets you set scheduled and preset temperatures. This is useful if you have someone come to visit or housesit and don’t want to explain how to use the thermostat.
2. Honeywell

For the Fashionista

Our pick for the best thermostat for Alexa

Everything in your house matches, right? So what would make this the best smart thermostat? If you could get it to go with the rest of your décor. Well, the Honeywell Smart Programmable offers you the ability to do just that through its touch screen. Match your current or desired décor, change for the holidays, and keep up with your favorite sports team colors at your fingertips.

honeywell smart thermostat

Honeywell Smart Thermostat Features:

  • Locking and password protection lets you child-proof (or spouse-proof, guest-proof, etc) the device
  • You can control the thermostat from many devices
  • The device monitors external temperatures (this model uses and self-updates its knowledge of the outdoor temperature every hour
3. Nest

Your Thermostat Can Make Friends

Our pick for the best smart thermostat that works with Google home

If you’re already on board with smart technology, why not purchase the best smart thermostat for interfacing with other smart devices? The Nest Learning Thermostat interfaces with your Amazon Alexa device, which means you can talk to either! (Note: You’ll need to buy the Alexa separately from this Next thermostat.)

nest learning thermostat

Nest Features:

  • It “learns” from you and your preferences, so after about a week or so, you won’t need to bump up your A/C after a long day at work – it will do it for you.
  • Check your past energy history at any time, keep track of your use, compare to past months/years.
  • Energy Star approval means you’ve got the most eco-conscious device on the market.
  • Control the Next with your laptop or another device when you enable its WIFI features.
4. Ventamatic

No More Attic Static

Our pick for the best thermostat for attics

Smart thermostats work mainly for the area/room in which they’re installed (yes, you will need separate thermostats for your upstairs and downstairs, for example). If you’re searching for the best smart thermostat for your attic, search no more. The Ventamatic 10-amp Adjustable with Firestat is made just for attics!

ventamatic attic

Ventamatic Features:

  • This smart thermostat can sense and adjust temperature all the way from 50 degrees up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, something your attic may indeed see on a hot day, especially in Southern regions
  • Gives power attic ventilators a spike in energy efficiency
  • Unlike regular thermostats, this is the best smart thermostat for when you want a device to automatically turn on when the temperature gets too low or too high (you set the degrees).
  • The Firestat is a safety feature that actually melts – which you can see – in the case of an attic fire. The melting causes the thermostat to shut off power to the fan in the attic ventilator, which then stops the air supply to the fire itself.
5. Vine

Our pick for the best thermostat for SmartThings

The last smart thermostat making our list is extremely high tech and features multi-layered security and connection. The Vine will not only control your indoor climate, but it will cue you in on the coming forecast so you can plan ahead.

Vine smart thermostat

Vine Features:

  • The Vine includes a programmable night light feature so that you can easily find the temperature without fumbling in the dark.
  • Multi-device access is a breeze, so anyone in your family (or parents only!) can adjust the temperature and check on your home climate from anywhere in the world.
  • The extremely compact size of this device means that it won’t distract from your home’s decor or atmosphere.
  • The energy savings mode is equipped with 7 days of programming so that your smart thermostat can be on the same schedule as you.

Smart Thermostat & Sensing Maximum Occupancy

Even if you’ve never heard of smart thermostat technology, you’re probably much smarter on the topic than you already think.

If you’ve ever gotten into an elevator, you’ve no doubt seen the posted signs about maximum occupancy. Smart thermostats are also called “occupancy sensors” and for good reason. This fairly new technology senses when your home is empty (they are finely crafted to pick up on even the tiniest disturbance of air) and scales down your temperature to compensate.

average american bill for energy

Have you ever left the house, gotten to your destination, and realized you left your air conditioning cranked, with the windows open? Cool does not come cheap. Or maybe you’ve dreaded getting out of bed on an icy morning, wishing you could crank up the home’s heat without having to actually brave the lower temperatures?

With smart thermostats, your home does all of this for you.

Smart, Not Spooky

If you’re feeling a hint of Big Brother, take a deep breath and then don’t. Technological advances in the home should be revered not feared. We are already moving in the direction of smart technology with irrigation, wearable devices, kitchen knives we can program, and yes, those self-piloting cars we keep hearing about.

Smart tech and the proliferation of each new best smart thermostat on the market are here to help, not spy. Think of them as ways to be more efficient with your heating bills, feel more comfortable in your home, and embrace new developments. Then think of which one you’re going to get!

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