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If you want environmentally friendly tools that don’t need any hazardous and expensive fuels to function, then switching to battery powered tools would be the best option for you. Going battery powered not only means getting rid of cables, petrol and other fuels or extra equipment you might need, but it also means cutting down on your gardening time by not having to worry about maintenance as much as you had to before.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about petrol, oil, cables or anything like that ever again, and yet you’ll still be able to experience the full power of these cordless machines with a user experience equivalent to their petrol-powered counterparts.

The Benefits of Battery-Powered Tools

There are many reasons why going cordless today will improve your gardening, save you money and give you a better user experience than before.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, and cannot really decide whether buying cordless gardening equipment is the best way to go, have a look at some of the main reasons why more and more people are opting for this type of equipment over petrol powered or corded models.

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1. Models with Lithium-ion Batteries Can Cover Large Gardens

Today’s models are more often equipped with longer-lasting, faster charging lithium-ion batteries that make it possible for you to go over a large garden in one charge. In addition, many have eco and full-power modes which mean that you can have full control over how long they last. For example, the Gtech AirRam Mk2 vacuum cleaner can run for 20 mins in full power mode or 40 mins in eco mode. Ideal when the job at hand does not require full suction.

2. They are Lighter and Easier to Use

Cordless trimmers, lawnmowers, leaf blowers and other gardening equipment are smaller and lighter than their petrol counterparts and aren’t restrained and limited by a cord. The fact that they weigh a lot less than a typical petrol garden tool, and are very easy to start makes them suitable for everyone to use, no matter if they have any previous gardening experience or not. This is especially useful for elderly people who can find it hard to lift a heavy hedge trimmer to reach the tops of hedges. It’s a much safer way to get the gardening done.

3. Cordless Gardening Tools are Eco-friendly

When it comes to gardening tools, the petrol-powered ones are the most environmentally un-friendly way to go. Believe it or not, using a petrol mower for an hour pollutes the air as much as much as a 150 km drive in your car, says Stockholm University analytical chemist Dr. Roger Westerholm. Cordless gardening tools are not only user-friendly, but they are good for the environment, as they do not increase your carbon footprint because no fumes are created from their use.

4. No Maintenance Required

Petrol lawnmowers, leaf blowers and other equipment can be a hassle to start; they require regular maintenance, as well as refueling. Cordless models on the other hand, require little to no maintenance, which ultimately saves you a lot of time and improves your overall garden maintenance chores. The only maintenance that might be required when it comes to the cordless models is cleaning, oiling and sharpening the blades, as well as making sure you keep your tools clean and stored properly.

If you want to prolong the battery life you should take good care of it, be careful when you’re using it and store it properly whenever you’re not working in the garden. This often means disconnecting the battery if you do not intend to use the tool for a while and trying not to leave it charging for longer than is necessary.

Same as with any other gardening tool, you need to always follow the instructions, and be careful with how you’re using them. If you’re mowing the lawn, you should always make sure that there are no hazardous objects that can harm your mower. Mowing over rocks, children’s toys, sprinklers or other items can break the blade of your mower and its electric mower deck.

5. Battery-Powered Equipment is Equally Up to the Task

Although petrol mowers, hedge trimmers and other gardening equipment are still considered as the best option when you’re dealing with a large backyard, when it comes to a typical garden, battery-powered tools are equally up to the task and can provide the same results as the petrol-powered ones.

6. They are Better for Your Health

With battery-powered models you won’t have to worry about dangerous gas emissions, or loud noises that will bother not only your neighbours, but your family as well. Getting your hands and face covered by fumes is not pleasant and in the long run will not do your health any good.

7. Battery-Powered Gardening Tools offers Better Bang for Your Buck

Although the price depends on each individual model, cordless models are generally cheaper than the petrol-powered ones. The only thing you need to make sure to check before you make your purchase is whether or not the charger and the battery are included in the price.

All in all, battery-powered gardening tools are definitely quieter, cheaper, easier to start and the best solution for your garden and for the environment. If you avoid the older models, that have a bad reputation of not lasting past 15 minutes, the newer and improved ones will give you all the advantages of a hassle-free electric  gardening tool, without having to worry whether or not the battery will last you enough time to get all of your gardening done in one charge.

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